water flowing over autumn leaves frozen


Heavy rain during the past few days created this stream of water running over a bunch of fallen autumn leaves, shaping the water into a beautiful but never consistent formation.

Shooting the Skyline again + making of + crazy guy

It’s been quite some time since I last photographed the skyline. Walking past one of my favourite spots (that I have visited many times) I saw a new angle that I never noticed before. I quickly decided to come back for dawn and finally shoot some tasty skyline again. I got very lucky because the moon happened to set just behind the Skyline, creating some amazing photographic opportunities. I included a picture of my camera taking a picture. (Picture Inception)

It’s not unusual to see strange/drunk/crazy people at night in big cities. This time was no different. A man walked past me – backwards. That guy crossed the whole bridge walking backwards. Why? Don’t know, but I’m sure he had his reasons. Maybe we are all doing it wrong …

Unfortunately I noticed him too late and couldn’t snap a pic. Thinking about it … how do you tell if someone is walking backwards in a picture? I reckon it would just look like a man walking forward. That leaves us with some free advice: next time you see someone walking backwards, capture a video! There you go …

Cliffs of Dover

I’ve seen the Cliffs of Dover many times. Driven past them, flown over them – but I never took the time to stop and watch them up close. So on my recent trip to the UK stopping at the Cliffs of Dover was no.1 on my to do list.

I am glad I did stop and appreciate them this time. They are massive and hugely impressive to watch, especially if you are standing right next to them.

cliffs of dover watching top down

Ferry Calais – Dover

Yay! Finally visisting the UK again! Took the ferry on purpose – Eurotunnel is for wimps :P
It’s been a long time since I had some tasty Fish n‘ Chips (though i yet have to get used to vinegar).

Love the way the french flag is waving in the wind.

This is the first picture im uploading that was taken with my new (old/used) Fuji E1 + 18-55. Seems to be a cool camera.