It’s meant to be fun

What are you creating images for?

I’m creating images to share my curiosity and the beauty I discover.

Often times I get distracted. I start wasting time by worrying about camera settings or composition. I fear I might not get the perfect composition of a beautiful scene and might later on regret not spending more effort on my settings/composition. Other times while editing I’m agonizing over what the perfect settings are. If you recognize something similar while you’re creating – I want to share an important discovery with you:

It’s meant to be fun

Shooting a beautiful scene? Snap away, enjoy the moment. It’s fine to take a couple of shots. It’s even fine to wait for something special like a sunset to happen and reach it’s peak. But the second you feel like it’s becoming agony, stop. Your art will suffer if you’re stuck overthinking technicalites.

Being undecisive is the first sign that you’re being carried away and losing the fun. Losing the fun will make your art lose it’s soul. It’s meant to be fun.

You have made a mistake and your shot is unfixable? Deal with it. It’s meant to be fun.

What are your favourite images you created? How did you feel while creating them? I bet you had a blast and didn’t waste a minute with technicalities. Learn from that experience. Enjoy working and your work will become uniquely yours.